Collaborative Partnerships


West Modesto Community Collaborative give thanks and humble appreciation for the encouragement and support of our benefactors.

As West Modesto King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative (WMCC) nears its 27th year of service to residents in West Modesto, much of its longevity can be credited to many supports. One of the primary supports is being honored this month, February 2018 and throughout the year.

Kaiser Permanente, Central Valley Benefits Management has been a stable supporter over the many years. They support the entire Central Valley and are extremely instrumental in assessing the needs of community residents. This alone has been extremely important to the WMCC, as we strive to maintain focus toward addressing specific community needs that will improve the lives of resident families.

On behalf of the residents in West Modesto and the West Modesto Community Collaborative, we would like to hold Kaiser Permanente up as a beacon for those in need. Without your commitment and understanding of the issues that impact residents in the Valley, progress would be impossible. THANK YOU & WE WISH YOU MANY BLESSINGS FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP COMMUNITIES "THRIVE".

Sunlight Giving

Health Plan of San Joaquin

The California Endowment

Sutter Health


Clendenin Bird & Company, PC

Velvet & Grill Creamery

Bronco Wine Company


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