Program | Mark Twain Junior High Wellness Project

The Junior High Wellness Project is a youth development program created for West Modesto youth ages 13- 18.  The program provides several "Strength Based Youth Development Strategies" such as community service and mentorship. The project focuses on workforce and education training- particularly in the area of mental health services- to junior high youth in West Modesto. In partnership with Mark Twain Junior High School, 12 youth are identified and chosen to participate in the Wellness Project.

This project also introduces students to the concept of welness. This includes mental wellness as well as physical wellness. The goal of the project is to help erase some of the stigma that has been attached to those dealing with a mental illness or who have friends or relatives who may have an illness and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Students engage in several exploration topics relating to wellness. In addition they are introduced to different career options in mental health.  The curriculum also includes field trips, workshops job shadowing, groups and other community activities.

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