Organized and facilitated by the West Modesto/King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative (WMKKNC), the Community Capacity Building initiative focuses on community-driven strategies designed to improve behavioral health and well-being among five community pastors/ministers and their church members.The following two Community Capacity Building projects are currently underway in West Modesto:

“BEYOND THE WALL” equips and trains five local pastors and key staff to handle parishioners and community residents who experience or encounter behavior health concerns. This is accomplished by: (1) quarterly planning meetings hosted by the WMKKNC leadership; (2) training for ministers and respective staff on “Demystifying the County’s Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (BHRS) Department” and “Faith-Based Wellness;” and (3) assist with developing appropriate messages for pastors to use in their sermons, teachings and church bulletins.

“WAY TO WELLNESS” involves all five church-congregations participating in “healthy eating,” “healthy cooking” and “healthy walking” activities. Led by Reverend James Anderson and Christian Love Baptist Church, West Modesto residents learn about wellness and healthy lifestyle behaviors through a youth summit and adult forums. Cooking demonstrations emphasize the preparation of traditional ethnic dishes with recipes that are lower in fat and calories, but still capture the flavor and texture of traditional recipes. The walking component teaches activities that provide exercise, strengthen community relationships and reinforce wellness.

For more information, call Barbara Anderson or Carole Collins at (209)522.6902