The Healthy Birth Outcomes (HBO) Program is funded by the local Stanislaus Children and Families Commission. The program seeks to improve birth outcomes for high risk pregnant women and girls in West Modesto. This is accomplished through prenatal education and social support during pregnancy through the first 12 months of the child’s life. The HBO program serves approximately 50+ pregnant/parenting mothers annually and participants meet weekly at the King Kennedy Center in a support group setting. Pregnant women can refer themselves by calling or dropping by the Center.

The Collaborative has worked with participants to establish a walking group that encourages regular exercise. The nutrition component has also been updated to include “Re-Think Your Drink” educational sessions. The additional focus is related to the prevalence of chronic disease and obesity among West Modesto residents, which can adversely affect the pregnant mom and infant. The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency/Public Health Nurses provides prenatal education twice a month during the regularly scheduled sessions, and theUniversity of California Cooperative Extension offers nutrition education.

West Modesto pregnant women in their first trimester can be referred to the

WMKKNC-HBO Program held at the King Kennedy Center (209)522.6902