Behavioral Health & Recovery Services A major partner.  WMKKNC has extensive ongoing contacts in conjunction with a BHRS/MHSA contract for outreach & engagement, primarily in West Modesto.
Buddhists Association — Cambodian Watts Temple A faith based partner on advocacy e.g. limiting the number of alcohol sales outlets.  An active member of the temple is also a Charter member of the SMCHC/WMKKNC.  A  Cambodian staff member is a WMKKNC/MHSA outreach worker, an active member of the temple who conducts outreach to the Cambodian population on weekly basis.
Christ Unity Baptist Church A faith based partner.  Rev. Green oversees the WMKKNC/MHSA mental health drop in center staff.  He also serves as an ambassador for family preservation with the Community Services Agency.   There are back & forth referrals between WMKKNC and Christ Unity and ministers participate in programs and attend collaborative meetings.
Christian Love Baptist Church A faith based partner; Rev. Andersen provides HIV/aids education as a part of the WMKKNC programs.
City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department A major WMKKNC partner.  There is a management agreement for the operation of the King Kennedy Memorial Center.  Additionally, the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Dept. cooperates with community outreach programs and farmers market.
El Concilio A primary BHRS/MHSA outreach and engagement partner.  El Concilio helped with creation and outfitting of the drop-in center.  All meet quarterly and have referrals back and forth.
Health Services Agency Administers the Healthy Birth Outcomes (HBO) program for expectant women and mothers with young children. HSA is a HEAL partner and participates in many WMKKNC activities and events such as health fairs, the farmers’ market, immunization clinics, the partnership for public health (no longer in operation) and referrals for treatment.
Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente funds the “Healthy Eating, Active Living” (HEAL) project which is a large Community Health Initiative.  This project seeks to reduce the myriad of health problems that result from poor nutrition and inactive lifestyles.  WMKKNC receives substantial support under the HEAL program and many of the partners identified in this list are also involved in and support HEAL.
Modesto City Schools – Franklin Healthy Start 2 way referrals with MMKKNC.  Provide support for HBO, the drop in center, provide a forum for focus groups for feedback, support for English learners and provide facilities for HBO women to use computers.
Modesto City Schools –  Intervention Programs (Afterschool) Partner with 21st Century afterschool program; WMKKNC has an advisory role. Partner on HEAL with resources provided for the afterschool SPARKS program and walking club
Modesto Police Department Partner to reduce the number of alcohol sales outlets.  WMKKNC provides Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) training to police cadets.  The Police Dept. is part of HEAL and have regular community meetings with WMKKNC.   They participate in health fairs and there is an active connection back & forth.
Safe Communities Coalition Part of HEAL; their emphasis is on ensuring safe routes for children to and from school.
The Bridge Strong connections especially concerning the west Modesto Cambodian population.  WMKKNC provided training for advocacy, helped with policy development and participated in advocacy to get new facility for the temple.
The Center for Human Services Provide training for drop in center staff; they are crisis intervention experts.  They also come to health fairs and provide ongoing training for staff when openings are available.  On occasions they outplace staff at the KKMC.
Women Infant and Children Promote eating healthy fruits & vegetables.  A new aspect will be that WIC vouchers will be accepted at for farmers markets.  They provide education and training on nutrition.  WMKKNC receives referrals from WIC for HBO.
Second Baptist Church An active faith based partner.  Also, they are the landlord for WMKKNC mental health drop in center.