The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative was created to provide low-income residents – residing, working or attending church in West Modesto – with year-round access to affordable California grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The CSA program is jointly funded by Kaiser Permanente’s “Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)” grant and the California Department of Food & Agriculture’s (CDFA) “Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.”

A 2007 interview conducted in West Modesto identified a lack of neighborhood stores with fresh, affordable produce in close proximity as a barrier to healthy eating. The CSA is one “prong” of a larger, multifaceted effort comprised of: (1) partnering with local farmers; (2) expansion of farming currently provided by WMKKNC and Eco Village; (3) establishment of a community garden; (4) expansion of our local Certi_ed Farmer’s Market held annually (one day a week) between July and September; and (5) Resident Membership in the CSA.

The CSA project aims to supplement the local Certified Farmer’s Market and provide quality, affordable and accessible healthy vegetables and fruits to West Modesto residents and beyond. In addition, the project promotes partnerships and provides community education regarding healthy eating practices.

For information regarding yearly membership fees or bi-weekly purchases, call (209)522.6902.