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The Stanislaus Multicultural Community Health Coalition (SMCHC) had its beginning in 1991, sparking a long history of community involvement. The Board of Directors is comprised of residents representing various ethnic groups within West Modesto.

In 1993, the Stanislaus Multicultural Community Health Coalition gave birth to the West Modesto King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative (Collaborative). The purpose of this formation was to specifically address concerns of residents in West Modesto, one of the most diverse communities in Stanislaus County.

The Stanislaus Multi-Cultural Health Coalition (SMCHC) – West Modesto/King Kennedy Neighbor Collaborative (WMKKNC) is one of the leading community based organizations addressing the health care concerns and needs of West Modesto residents in Stanislaus County. The WMKKNC has been in existence since 1993 with approximately 500 members and oversees the coordination and implementation of various state and local funding programs and initiatives with an array of significant partners ranging from Law Enforcement to City/County Government.

Our Mission

The WMKKNC mission is to bring a cohesive and diverse group of neighbors together, to find common ground and to build an understanding so that lasting relationships can be established to provide a safe and healthy environment for children and adults residing in West Modesto.

Our Vision

The West Modesto/King Kennedy neighborhood Collaborative envisions a safe, nurturing, happy, and healthy environment for all children in our community, thereby developing well-educated children who will contribute to their community in a positive manner.

Our Vision
who we are

To plan, advocate and actively coordinate community involvement that allows the various ethnic minority groups to identify their specific health care needs and resources; and to work with them and health care providers with finding potential solutions associated with those identified health care needs.

Our Values
Critical Areas of Focus

These areas of focus help define how services are implemented.

Community Engagement and Leadership
Strategic Partnerships
Community Health Improvement
Organizational Capacity Building
Fund Development

Services Provided

Family Resource Center- Services and Opportunities

1. Referral and Information
2. Family Preservation Programs

Wellness Center: Open Saturday and Sundays

The “Outreach and Engagement Services” program: A community outreach and engagement services component of the implementation of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in Stanislaus County. The MHSA was created to ensure that all Californians would have access to mental health services.

Recognition of the significantly higher need of certain subpopulations for mental health services was central to meeting the following objectives.
Establish a community based strategy for mental health outreach and engagement in West Modesto.
To link the community based outreach and engagement efforts with the network of local mental health service providers, and provide mental health referrals for west Modesto residents needing services
Conduct a community mental health assessment to gain an understanding of community and family mental health needs, and provide an analytical basis for future west Modesto mental health outreach and engagement efforts.